GlobalFoundries breaks ground in New York State

Right on schedule, GlobalFoundries broke ground for its new manufacturing fab in the Luther Forest Technology Campus, Saratoga County, New York last Friday.

Known as Fab 2, the 300-mm-wafer-capable facility should start cranking out wafers in volume in three years. GlobalFoundries now says it expects to "ramp at the 28nm technology node and move to volume manufacturing on the 22nm node"—a more hurried schedule than two months ago, when we heard that production would start at 32nm. The 2012 volume production time frame hasn't changed, though, so perhaps GlobalFoundries is simply being a little more aggressive with its roadmap.

The firm goes on to boast that, once Fab 2 is done, the facility "will stand as the most technologically advanced semiconductor manufacturing facility . . . in the world and the largest leading-edge semiconductor foundry in the United States."

The $4.2 billion facility should create 1,400 direct jobs and 5,000 "indirect" jobs in the region. New York State has contributed an incentives package worth "up to $1.2 billion," as well.

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