AMD intros new FirePro card, CrossFire Pro tech

Close to a year on from the release of its FirePro V8700, AMD has launched a new workstation graphics card that's even more powerful—and more expensive.

The new FirePro V8750 looks to be based on the same architecture as its older brother, because it also has 800 stream processors, GDDR5 memory, and a 30-bit display pipeline. You also get the same mix of two DisplayPort connectors, one DVI-I output, and one stereo 3D output.

However, AMD outfits the new card with twice the memory (2GB) and slightly higher memory bandwidth (115.2GB/s) compared to its predecessor. Those improvements come hand-in-hand with a higher asking price, too. AMD says the FirePro V8750 is available for $1,799, or 300 bucks above the V8700's launch price.

That's not all AMD has in store for professional users with deep pockets. The company has also announced CrossFire Pro, which is exactly what it sounds like: multi-GPU technology with a workstation twist. Users can combine up to two FirePro V8750, V8700, V7750, or V5700 graphics cards in CrossFire Pro configs. The technology only works with Windows XP right now, though; AMD says support for "other operating systems" will arrive later this year.

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