Few new Acer, Asus netbooks may come before 2010

We might just catch a short break from the crazed pace of new Eee PC launches, according to DigiTimes. The site quotes "industry sources" who claim that, since Intel has pushed back its Pine Trail platform to early 2010, both Asus and Acer will leave their netbook lines largely unchanged until then.

Pine Trail will bring about the Atom's successor, which will feature a system-on-a-chip design with microprocessor, memory controller, and graphics on a single die. We saw working Pine Trail netbooks in June, but recent reports suggest Intel has indeed delayed the platform's launch.

We may not see a cornucopia of new Eee PCs this year, then, but DigiTimes says Asus still has three systems in the pipeline: an Eee PC T101 nettablet that will debut after Windows 7, plus a netbook based on Google's Android platform that will "not show up before the end of October."

Acer, meanwhile, will stay the course with current 10" Aspire One netbooks. DigiTimes notes that the firm did have plans for a "dual-OS" netbook with both Windows XP and Android, but it has postponed that machine because of weak demand. Acer, like Asus, may focus on consumer ultraportables (presumably based on Intel's CULV processors) for the remainder of the year.

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