Macs to leap forward into late 1999

According to this story at MacCentral, Macs are set to receive an update at next week's MacWhirled Expo. Among the changes: a 133MHz system bus and CPU clock speeds as high as 733MHz.
Sources reported that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will introduce four new, single-processor Power Mac G4 models, all using a 133MHz system bus, and ranging in speed from 466MHz to 733MHz. MacCentral sources confirmed that two models will feature respective speeds of 466MHz to 733MHz.
Boy, that Mac platform sure is advanced!

Other rumors: dual-processor G4 systems may get the axe, at least those aimed at consumer desktops. And there's some speculation in this Wired report about whether Motorola will be the source of the new, faster G4 processors. Could it be IBM's non-Altivec G4s are making their way into Apple's product line? The Wired story also mentions x86-compatible CPUs as an option, although that seems unlikely to me given the CPU and bus speeds quoted above.

Oh, and they're gonna unfreeze The Woz to see if he can inject some mojo into the Apple product line.

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