Nvidia PR Director steps down after 11 years

He stuck with Nvidia through thick and thin, helping the graphics firm establish its image since even before the days of the GeForce. Yesterday, however, Derek Perez announced on his Twitter feed that he had stepped down as Nvidia's Director of Public Relations.

As you'd expect in light of the 140-character limit, the Twitter posts don't provide much detail. Perez's original announcement came like so:

Resigned from NVIDIA after 11 years...starting a new adventure...

Perez followed up with this message, in response to another Twitterer (or is it Tweeter?) who expressed disbelief:

@Vidgames yes - its true...believe that...i still bleed green...just have a new, and exciting opportunity...

Sources close to Perez tell us that "exciting opportunity" is an opening at a hockey team in Nashville, Tennessee, for which Perez will also work in public relations. (Props to Charlie Demerjian of SemiAccurate for breaking the story.)

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