Poll: What are you most looking forward to?

Looking at the latest roadmaps, both official and not, it's hard to be indifferent about the wave of shiny new products coming this year. We can look forward to Windows 7, of course, but also Intel Lynnfield processors, consumer ultraportables and netbooks loaded up with Win7, and quite possibly DirectX 11 graphics processors from both Nvidia and AMD.

Also, naturally, existing products will probably be subject to price cuts once all the new stuff comes out.

We've just put together a new poll to ask which of the above you find most exciting. Are you dying to upgrade to a cheap Core i7 system with next-generation DX11 graphics? What about netbooks that don't run an eight-year-old version of Windows for once? Or are you getting your credit card ready for clearance sales on older hardware? Hit our poll either below or on the front page to have your say.

Speaking of Windows 7, you might already have seen the results of our last poll. We were wondering if our readers thought Chrome OS stood a chance against Windows 7, and as it turns out, many just aren't convinced. 31% said "No way," while 26% only expect Chrome OS to be relevant in super-cheap netbooks. In total, almost half of all voters don't think Chrome OS will stand a chance outside of netbooks, and only 7% see it being a worthy competitor to Win7 in full-sized machines.

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