Intel: Pine Trail is still on track for this year

Delays? What delays? Since last week, we've been hearing from multiple sources that Intel has postponed its Pine Trail platform until early 2010. CNet News now reports that Intel's Mooly Eden has staunchly denied the change of plan.

Eden, who heads Intel's Mobile Platforms Group, affirmed that Pine Trail "is on schedule" during his appearance at the Intel Technology Summit in San Francisco yesterday. Leaving little room for misinterpretation, he added, "We are going to ship revenue shipments in the second half of the year. . . . You come to [the Intel Developer Forum in September] and see the maturity of the product."

As we've said before, the Pine Trail code name identifies Intel's next-generation Atom platform for netbooks. Pine Trail will include a new system-on-a-chip containing an Atom microprocessor core, memory controller, and graphics core. The SoC will share the ride with a discrete I/O hub.

Eden probably isn't kidding about the maturity of the product. At Computex almost two months ago, Intel showed us three prototype Pine Trail systems booted into a Windows XP desktop.

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