Netbooks not wooing first-time buyers, Intel says

Think a netbook might be the perfect introductory machine for someone who doesn't already own a PC? Think again, says Intel. Engadget jotted down some interesting comments about the subject from Intel's Executive VP and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Sean Maloney:

"Netbooks are predominantly... a second or third purchase from someone who's already got a notebook," he suggested today at the company's Technology Fair event, further extrapolating with an anecdote of him watching people in China retail shops skipping the portables and going straight to more capable notebooks. "The first time you buy something, you want the real deal. It's a human behavior thing... it's [the same] all around the world."

So far, Intel has responded in a lukewarm fashion to the netbook boom. Last November, Intel Sales and Marketing VP Stu Pann noted, "We originally thought Netbooks would be for emerging markets and younger kids." He went on to criticize the machines, saying they're "fine for an hour" but "not something you're going to use day in and day out."

Part of that may be damage control. Intel generates comparatively little revenue from Atom processor sales, and the economy may be pushing some users to choose netbooks over full-sized laptops with pricier Intel chips. That's probably where those cheap CULV laptops come in.

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