Firmware bug stalls shipments of 34nm Intel SSDs

If you're dying to grab one of those second-gen Intel X25-M solid-state drives, get ready to wait a little longer. According to DailyTech, Intel has confirmed the presence of a firmware problem in the first batch of 34nm SSDs, and it's halted shipments until the fix is ready.

So, what's the problem? Nothing, unless you have the misfortune of setting a BIOS drive password then either disabling it or changing it. In that case, DailyTech says, the drive becomes inoperable as soon as you power off the host system. This little hiccup reportedly doesn't apply to system, network, or operating system passwords, though, so early birds who snagged the first drives can probably rest easy. Assuming their data is still accessible, they should just stay away from that BIOS drive password setting for now.

DailyTech goes on to say that Intel should have an "end user firmware update" ready within the next couple of weeks. You'll probably be able to download it through this page.

As we saw in our review, the new 34nm X25-M is cheaper and even faster than its predecessor, which packed 50nm NAND flash chips. The 80GB model should be available for as little as $225 in bulk quantities once shipments resume—not bad, especially if it doesn't lose your data.

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