MSI list reveals triple-, quad-core Athlon II lineup

AMD's Athlon II lineup now includes three processors, all with two cores and clock speeds ranging from 2.8 to 3GHz. However, we've long been hearing that AMD plans to extend the Athlon II series with some triple- and quad-core parts. A reader has now tipped us off to an MSI processor support page that handily details eight such processors, including their specifications and product codes. (No prices, though, unfortunately.)

In case MSI takes the list down, we've transcribed the information below. We've taken the liberty to specify processor core counts based on the model names, too:

Processor Cores Code name Clock speed L2 cache TDP
Athlon II X2 235e 2 Regor 2.7GHz 2MB 45W
Athlon II X2 240e 2 Regor 2.8GHz 2MB 45W
Athlon II X3 400e 3 Rana 2.2GHz 1.5MB 45W
Athlon II X3 405e 3 Rana 2.3GHz 1.5MB 45W
Athlon II X3 425 3 Rana 2.7GHz 1.5MB 95W
Athlon II X3 435 3 Rana 2.9GHz 1.5MB 95W
Athlon II X4 600e 4 Propus 2.2GHz 2MB 45W
Athlon II X4 605e 4 Propus 2.3GHz 2MB 45W
Athlon II X4 620 4 Propus 2.6GHz 2MB 95W
Athlon II X4 630 4 Propus 2.8GHz 2MB 95W

All of these processors have one thing in common: they lack L3 cache, unlike their Phenom II brethren. (Even the dual-core Phenom II X2 550 carries 6MB of L3.) That omission should translate into lower clock-for-clock performance than triple- and quad-core Phenom IIs, but also lower prices. Reports from a few months back suggest that AMD may introduce these new CPUs in September.

Incidentally, MSI's support list also includes that Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition we found at several e-tailers this morning. Unlike the e-tailers, though, MSI quotes a 140W thermal envelope. (Thanks to TR reader Matt for the tip.)

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