Microsoft reveals Win7 Anytime Upgrade pricing

Bought the wrong version of Windows 7? Fret not; you'll be able upgrade without paying full price for a new license. Microsoft blogger Brandon LeBlanc revealed official pricing for Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade packages earlier today.

According to LeBlanc, stepping up from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium will set you back $79.99. Moving up from Home Premium to Professional? $89.99. Home Premium to Ultimate? $139.99.

The blogger points out that Home Premium to Ultimate upgrade runs less than the similar Vista package, which costs $159. Of course, Win7 Ultimate is a lot less appealing than Vista Ultimate: unlike Vista Business, Win7 Professional includes all of the features of the Home Premium release (including Windows Media Center). You can see a breakdown of edition features on this page.

Microsoft has a little extra for home users, too: the Windows 7 Family Pack, which will let you upgrade up to three PCs in your household to Windows 7 Home Premium for $149.99. That's a pretty hefty discount, considering a single Win7 Home Premium upgrade license costs $119.99.

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