Deal of the week: Cheap terabytes. Get your cheap terabytes!

A year ago, we might have gotten excited about finding a decent hard drive at 13 cents per gigabyte. Actually, we did. Now, though, even Western Digital's monster 2TB Caviar Green is available for less than that—$209.99 with free shipping at Newegg, or 10 cents a gig. And if you don't need quite that much capacity, you can find excellent alternatives for much, much less.

The stars of today's deal post are two 1TB drives, also from Western Digital. The whisper-quiet and low-power 1TB Caviar Green is now available for $79.99 shipped, or 8 cents/GB, while the faster yet louder (and power-hungrier) 1TB Caviar Black can be had for $89.99 shipped, or 9 cents/GB.

Which one should you choose? The Caviar Green will be an excellent mass-storage drive, but it might be a tad too sluggish for an enthusiast's desktop. That's where you'd want the Caviar Black, whose higher spindle speed and extra cache make it an excellent performer.

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