Saturday Shortbread


  1. Silicon Valley's jobless unplug from tech
  2. FCC seeks details on Google app rejection for iPhone
  3. Cablevision: FiOS? What's FiOS?
  4. TG Daily reports eBay may replace or shut down Skype
  5. DigiTimes reports TSMC CEO claims improved 40nm yield, predicts better 3Q09
  6. reports MSI launches world's thinnest 15.6" notebook
    and ASRock releases the P55 Deluxe motherboard with DDR3-2600
  7. Fudzilla reports Intel P55 motherboards might end up cheap
  8. NordicHardware reports DDR3 demand boosts DRAM market
  9. X-bit labs: Additional details regarding ATI's DirectX 11 family revealed
  10. Expreview reports OCZ's 80Plus Gold Certified Z-series PSUs available now
  11. Google's Android to aim at businesses
  12. Fudzilla: Analysts believe Microsoft should drop Zune
  13. RIAA wins $675,000 or $22,500 per song from Joel Tennenbaum
  14. PC World reports Defense Department eyes hacker con for new recruits
  15. Ars Technica: Should biologists study computer science?
  16. Win an Asus bundle worth £350 from TrustedReviews
  17. XSReviews has Cooler Master CM 690 competition
  18. Win a CoolIT Domino A.L.C. CPU cooler from Big Bruin

  1. Microsoft: No browserless Windows 7 after all
  2. DailyTech reports Microsoft blacklists leaked Windows 7 OEM key, unveils Family Pack pricing
  3. Beware the gotchas in Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade, family pack pricing
  4. SuperSite for Windows has Windows 7 product editions comparison: WAU update
  5. C|Net's Windows 7 RTM video review
  6. Slashdot: Amazon refunds Windows license fee, too
  7. Ars Technica reports Microsoft gunning for Hulu in the UK with MSN Video Player
  8. TechFlash on Microsoft's blueprint for porting iPhone apps to Windows Mobile
  9. C|Net reports Jailbreak already works for iPhone 3.0.1 update

  1. Sony PS3 manufacturing costs reduced by 70% news
  2. Shacknews reports id responds to Rage PS3 concerns
  3. Blizzard Entertainment's WoW shop talk—3.2 in review
  4. Shacknews has Fallout 3 'Mothership Zeta' DLC trailer: Do not adjust your monitor
  5. Crysis monthly update #15 - July 2009 and Crysis joins Twitter
  6. SDCC: Alan Wake interview
  7. HotHardware's interview with game developer Terminal Reality
  8. 'Blockbuster-led trade needs pricing revolution'
  9. US gamer population: 170 million - NPD
  10. Opinion: On the casual / core game development divide
  11. Shacknews on video games to be released next week
  12. Steam: Left 4 Dead update released
  13. TechRadar UK on 12 must-own games for iPhone or iPod touch
  14. Video games lure Hollywood stars
  15. GameSpot offers The Deal: 25% off all pre-owned games
  16. Fallout 3 gameplay spoof
Systems and storage

  1. Researchers find insecure BIOS 'rootkit' pre-loaded in laptops
  2. Expreview has a sneak peek at Intel's Core i9 Gulftown
  3. X-bit labs review Core i7 LGA 1366 processors
  4. Guru3D previews MSI P55-GD80 Lynnfield motherboard
  5. HardwareLogic reviews 6GB OCZ Platinum PC3-10666 memory kit
  6. TweakTown's video review of Super Talent Pico Mini USB drive

  1. reviews Sapphire Vapor-X HD 4890
  2. InsideHW reviews Olympus E-620 camera
  3. Tech ARP reviews WD TV HD media player
  4. Digital Trends reviews Samsung Highlight SGH-T749
  5. Hi Tech Legion reviews Neutrano iTalk clock
  6. Modders-Inc reviews Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard
  7. [OC]ModShop reviews Datel Wildfire wireless PS3 controller
Casing and cooling

  1. OverclockersHQ reviews Azza Fantom 900 case
  2. Tweaknews reviews Eagle Tech ET-CSIU2-BK JBOD enclosure
  3. Legit Reviews on AeroCool Touch-2000 LCD fan controller
  4. Hardware Secrets reviews Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler
  5. Technic3D reviews EKL Alpenfoehn Brocken CPU cooler (in German)
  6. Expreview posts first review of Thermalright VRM-R1 and VRM-R2 coolers
  7. Björn3D reviews Thermalright HR-03 GTX (on GTX 275)
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