Report: OCZ's 1TB solid-state drive prepped for mid-August

Remember that 3.5" monster solid-state drive we wrote about in June? Dubbed the Colossus, OCZ's contraption features an eye-popping 1TB storage capacity and an internal RAID-0 configuration that supposedly enables lightning transfer speeds. Oh, and it's several times the price of existing consumer SSDs. What's not to like?

Gizmag now writes that the Colossus may be about to debut. The site says the 1TB behemoth is "likely" to arrive this month, and it should carry a price tag of around $2,500. OCZ is also cooking up a cheaper 500GB version, as we heard ourselves, but Gizmag doesn't quote a release schedule or pricing for that model.

Back in June, OCZ told us the Colossus could hit top sustained speeds of 250 or 265MB/s (depending on who we listened to) for both reads and writes. The 1TB of flash memory is connected to a couple of Indilinx controllers, which both talk to a JMicron RAID controller. The drive has a 3.5" form factor and weighs a hefty (by SSD standards) 400 g, or 14 oz.

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