Mercury Research: CPU shipments rise, AMD's share falls

Last week, Jon Peddie Research said the GPU market had seen healthy growth between the first and second quarters of this year. Well, guess what? So did the CPU market. As eWeek reports, the latest numbers from Mercury Research suggest that x86 microprocessors shipments rose by a cool 13.8% last quarter. Shipments were still down 2.9% compared to the same quarter a year ago, though.

eWeek says Mercury Research attributes the sequential growth to excess inventory, which hampered shipments in the first quarter. "Inventories were depleted, enabling sales to recover" in Q2. Intel, AMD, and Via all saw their shipments increase sequentially, but market share numbers give the clear upper hand to Intel:

  Q2 2008 Q1 2009 Q2 2009
Intel 80.0% 78.2% 80.5%
AMD 18.8% 20.9% 18.7%
VIA 1.3% 0.8% 0.9%

Yep. AMD's gone from almost 21% to just under 19% in one quarter. That might be because, according to Mercury Research, the most growth occurred in the mobile space. Since Intel has been shipping a fair number of low-cost Atom processors for netbooks, though, perhaps AMD's slice of x86 CPU revenue didn't shrink quite as much as its unit share.

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