UGO's shrinkage

We thought it was coming in light of recent events, and it appears to be here. has a report about UGO—TR's ad network—changing the terms of its ad contracts with its top affiliates, and potentially dropping others. The report isn't entirely clear on what's happening to smaller sites. The top 30 (or so) UGO affiliates are getting a big cut in their ad rates, while UGO may try to cut the smaller sites loose.

This is just a continuation of the near-complete collapse of technology and gaming related ad networks. This is probably a bigger and badder failure than most of the pessimists expected, from what I gather talking to folks behind the scenes.

The Collapse is also a Bad Thing for the community, of course, especially for sites like the HardOCP, where the principals involved make their living off their ad revenue. Kyle's a smart cookie, and I'm sure he'll find a way to keep rolling, but it may not be easy for a lot of those types of folks.

As for us, I'll try to tell you what I know. We haven't heard anything from UGO. We can't be shut down by UGO, since they don't host us. If I had to bet on it, I'd say UGO will probably cut us loose, regardless of the quality of our content or TR's tendency to grow over time. We'll probably get the shaft. But we are very, very hard to kill.

Although losing our ties to Gary Coleman will be difficult.

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