Lynnfield pre-order listings hit the web

The Lynnfield launch can't be that far off, what with both the Taiwanese rumor mill and Kingston pointing to a September release. Now, as PC World reports, some online retailers have even started offering Core i5 processors for pre-order.

Both Computer Connection and list a "Core i5-570" processor with a 2.66GHz clock speed and 8MB of cache. The sites charge $243.99 and $232.99, respectively.

A Google search for the product code (BX80605I5750) finds even more listings elsewhere in the world, although some places call the processor "Core i5-750." Since the product code ends with "I5750," that may well be the right name. A Chinese website recently benchmarked a purported Lynnfield CPU with that very name and similar specifications, too.

Speaking of which, the benchmarks also included a Lynnfield-based "Core i7-870." Swap out the end of the product code with "I7870," enter into Google, and... hey, look at that: another Computer Connection listing. This time, the e-tailer charges $678.99 for the pre-order, and it quotes a 2.93GHz clock speed and 8MB of cache.

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