Friday Shortbread


  1. Nvidia reports financial results for second quarter fiscal year 2010
  2. TG Daily reports Lenovo turns in a loss
  3. Fudzilla reports AMD loses CPU market share
  4. X-bit labs: GlobalFoundries to start planning Fab 3 "very soon" - chairman
  5. The Register reports SCO sale blocked by court
  6. Get Intel news on the go (on Twitter)
  7. Bright Side of News reports Transmeta buyer closes its doors
  8. Ars Technica: Pirate Bay sale imminent, but who owns it to begin with?
  9. Hacker attacks silence Twitter, slow Facebook
  10. DigiTimes reports PC vendors set to compete in tablet PC market
  11. Donanim Haber reports Intel's 6-core Gulftown processors come with 130W TDP (in Turkish)
  12. Fudzilla reports Intel to launch SU2300, Celeron 743 in September
  13. VR-Zone on G.Skill's latest wicked looking memory: The Ripjaws
  14. Expreview reports Toshiba announces shipment of 43nm SSDs to OEMs
  15. Engadget reports Dell quietly launches trio of widescreen LCD monitors, waits for you to notice
  16. TechFlash reports pressure-sensitive keyboard, new Microsoft hardware prototype unveiled
  17. Logitech serves up new G-Series gaming-grade mouse, headset
  18. No more perks: Coffee shops pull the plug on laptop users
  19. News Corp may charge for Web news; blasts Amazon
  20. Engadget reports microfluidic chip does 1,000 parallel chemical reactions, looks glorious

  1. Microsoft security bulletin advance notification for August 2009
  2. When will you get Windows 7 RTM?
  3. Engadget reports official Windows 7 upgrade chart is ridiculous
  4. InfoWorld reports Windows 7 not seen boosting DRAM sales until 2010
  5. Gizmodo reviews Windows 7
  6. John Dvorak: What is happening to Windows 7?
  7. DailyTech reports Office 2010 to get its own ballot box
  8. Ars Technica reports Open XML fix for Mac Office 2008 SP2 released
  9. Google OS screenshots at Download Squad
  10. Firefox 3.0.13 release notes
  11. Ars Technica reports Google Chrome gets skins and JavaScript performance boost
  12. Engadget's Google Wave dev preview hands-on and impressions
  13. C|Net reports Apple breaks App Store silence
  14. Android apps cost just as much as iPhone apps, sometimes more

  1. C|Net's exclusive: Getting up close and personal with Project Natal
  2. Major Nelson reports PayPal now available for U.S. Xbox Live accounts
  3. Kotaku reports revamp "similar to Xbox Live"
  4. eWeek: Does Google want On2 for a gaming console?
  5. Edge Online's interview with Valve's Chet Faliszek about L4D series
  6. Rage engine details (PDF presented at SIGGRAPH 2009)
  7. Shacknews reports id Software's Rage screens show off 'virtual texturing'
    and Batman: Arkham Asylum PC game delayed, gets PhysX and
    PC demo released
  8. The Sims" creator eyes the world beyond games
  9. UT Community Bonus Pack 3 status
  10. 100 mods you should be playing for Oblivion
  11. Wolfenstein pre-order offers, gifts with purchase revealed
  12. Steam news: Pre-purchase Red Faction Guerrilla, get Red Faction and
    Red Faction II for free right now and Prototype 20% off for one week
Systems and storage

  1. Apple tops tech support rankings again for 2009
  2. Laptop's tech support showdown - Rating technical support services
  3. VR-Zone's enthusiast gaming PC buying guide
  4. InfoWorld: How to build an inexpensive, high-performance PC for Windows 7
  5. HotHardware's video review of Apple's new 13" Macbook Pro
  6. Tech ARP's Acer Aspire One netbook upgrade guide
  7. PC World reports new Intel Core i5 chip surfaces on retailer's web site
  8. Core i5 750 unboxing
  9. TweakTown reviews Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
  10. X-bit labs review Celeron E3300
  11. reviews Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H
  12. X-bit labs review Zotac Ion-ITX-C and ASRock X58 Extreme
  13. Madshrimps review MSI X58M
  14. X-bit labs review Areca ARC-1680ix-16 SAS RAID controller
    and have 9 500TB 2.5" HDDs roundup
  15. OCC reviews 500TB Seagate Momentus 7200.4
  16. previews Corsair X128 SSD
  17. Björn3D reviews Corsair P64 SSD
  18. reviews 128GB Patriot Xporter Magnum USB drive
  19. Legit Reviews on 32GB Kingston DataTraveler 112 USB drive

  1. Phoronix reviews AMD FirePro V8750 2GB
  2. HardwareZone reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 Vapor-X 2GB
  3. Neoseeker reviews VisionTek Radeon HD 4890 OC
  4. Elite Bastards review XFX GeForce GTX 275 XXX 896MB
  5. Sharky Extreme reviews hp Officejet 6000 wireless printer
  6. Technic3D reviews Noxon iRadio Cube (in German)
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. PureOC reviews 1500W SilverStone Strider PSU
  2. Hardware Secrets reviews 500W Asus P-50GA PSU
  3. OC3D reviews Antec P183 Advanced case
  4. X-bit labs review Zalman GS1000 and Z-Machine GT1000 cases
  5. Hi Tech Legion reviews Thermaltake Element T case
  6. CowcotLand reviews Lancool DragonLord PC-K62 case (in French)
  7. Modders-Inc reviews In Win Na HD enclosure
  8. ProClockers review Aerocool Touch 2000 touch panel
  9. OverclockersHQ's Bgears fans roundup
  10. Rbmods on NZXT Cryo S aluminum notebook cooler
  11. Hardware Secrets reviews Thermaltake TMG IA1 CPU cooler
  12. DeXgo reviews Scythe Big Shuriken (in German)
  13. Hardware Bistro reviews Tuniq TX-3 thermal compound
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