Work at TR: Sysadmin and web developer needed

We're ready to make an addition or two to the TR staff. Our long-time sysadmin and web developer has decided to move on, and we need to replace him with one or two people, depending on their skill sets.

On the sysadmin front, we need someone familiar with Linux (specifically RHEL/CentOS) and our basic suite of apps: Apache, mySQL, and PHP. Qualified candidates should have experience managing production servers and should understand the security, networking, and uptime needs of a high-volume website. Some familiarity with PHP and the dark magic of database management would be a plus. This is a part-time position with lousy pay and some on-call requirements in our few moments of dire need, but it does bring with it the glorious adulation of TR gerbils everywhere and perhaps an occasional leftover video card or something.

We also need either a separate person or a multi-talented individual to handle ongoing web development for us. This role entails maintaining and extending our custom content management and interactive comments systems, which are written in PHP and C++, respectively. (One of our first goals is to replace the C++ stuff.)  Some knowledge of Perl would be a plus. This person would likely be paid primarily on a per-project basis. We have a succession of new development initiatives on our roadmap, so this role would involve ongoing work, likely on a part-time basis. The pay is less lousy than for the sysadmin gig.

If you are interested in one or both of these positions, please shoot me an email message at with your resume and qualifications.

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