Our weekly off-topic discussion, the Friday Night Topic, has taken a pretty long hiatus. That's mainly because I ran out of topics. Thinking of something stimulating to discuss that won't erupt into a raging flame war while I'm enjoying my Friday evening grows increasingly difficult with time, especially since politics (which I enjoy discussing) has become too depressingly polarizing to include on the menu.

But....  I figure I could take suggestions this week and see how it goes. We've tried this in the past, but it's been less than successful for one reason: folks would send in a subject area for a topic without really crafting a question that's likely to prompt a multi-sided discussion of an issue or issues. Even some really cool things aren't likely to invite discussion. A strong topic should ask a question that prompts a response and some explanation from the participants. And let's keep conventional politics out of this.

Think you're up to the challenge? Shoot me an email by clicking my name in the byline. Or just post the topic here and totally disqualify yourself—the choice is yours!

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