FNT: Our Wikipedia page is pretty sad

Ok, so here's something a little off topic that might make for an interesting evening's worth of activity as the Friday Night Topic returns to action. I just noticed the other day that we have a Wikipedia page and that it's, uh, not that great.

I mean, somebody went to the trouble of creating a page for us and getting it approved by the powers that be, and for that, I am grateful. But, well, it's one of those backwaters of Wikipedia that's not really up to the best of standards. Reading it, you'd think we were a big forum with little emphasis on news, reviews, or podcasts. And that I had some long-standing rivaly with THG, which is silly, since they're 54.375 times our size and owned by a French mega-conglomerate. Also, I know some guys over there and like them fine.

Surely we can do better.

Any of you find examples of more complete pages there we can emulate? Ideas for edits? What works and doesn't when making these sorts of contributions? Hmm.

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