Report: Acer shifting focus from 14'', 15'' CULV laptops

When Acer unveiled its Timeline range in April, it said the consumer ultraportable laptops would be available with 13.3", 14", and 15.6" form factors. True to the company's word, you can buy all three varieties today. According to DigiTimes, though, the two larger models may become harder to find this quarter.

Quoting a Commercial Times report, DigiTimes says Acer has "reduced its 14- and 15-inch ultra-thin notebook orders" because of "low market demand." Wistron, which manufactures the machines for Acer, is reportedly producing only 200,000 units a month—about one third of the "expected 600,000 units."

DigiTimes is thin on the details, but a shift away from larger CULV laptops doesn't seem too surprising. While 13.3" displays and ultra-thin enclosures often go hand-in-hand these days (see: Apple's MacBook Air, MSI's X-Slim X340), 14" and 15.6" systems may be a tad too bulky for the thinness to make much of a difference. Slightly thicker, non-CULV laptops also tend to have more powerful hardware and lower prices.

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