NZXT launches touch-screen fan controller

Who needs dials and switches when you can have a cool touch-screen instead? That's probably what the folks at NZXT were thinking when they came up with the Sentry 2, a "full system fan controller with an advanced touch screen interface."

The Sentry 2 is already available for $34.99 before shipping at Newegg. Like many fan controllers, you can slip this one into a 5.25" bay, plug fans into it, then control the speeds of those fans individually. In this case, NZXT put in connections for five fans with up to 10W of power draw each. (The product page mentions "full compatibility with all types of fans," too.)

NZXT boasts that the touch-screen panel shows "all pertinent info including temperature readout in both Celsius and Fahrenheit." The Sentry 2 supports both manual and automatic speed settings, whereby the controller adjusts fan speeds dynamically based on a set temperature. Users can even specify a temperature alarm threshold, and the Sentry 2 will remember settings when powered off.

Check out the image gallery below for photos of the contraption. Call it a hunch, but NZXT may have used the dashboard of KITT from Knight Rider as inspiration from the interface.

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