New Kingston SSDs are quick, expensive

Solid-state drives are still multiplying, it seems. Kingston has added yet another set of products to its SSDNow line: the SSDNow V+ series, which is aimed at "prosumers and enterprise companies."

SSDNow V+ drives are shipping right now in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities, with suggested retail prices of $254, $500, and $992, respectively. All three models have top sequential read speeds of 220MB/s, with maximum sequential write performance ranging from 140MB/s to 180MB/s depending on the capacity. (Higher capacities translate into higher write performance.)

Kingston also quotes up to 6,300 input/output operations per second (IOPS) for random 4K reads and up to 291 IOPS for random 4K reads. With IOPS, too, write performance goes down with capacity—the 64GB model only hits up to 84.

Otherwise, SSDNow V+ drives look like any old mobile SSDs. They have 2.5" form factors, 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces, relatively low power consumption (2.6W when active), and of course, far better shock tolerance than mobile hard drives. Kingston did omit to mention one thing: the type of flash memory controller these drives use. We're waiting to hear back from the company about that point.

Update: Kingston tells us the SSDNow V+ series uses second-generation Samsung controllers.

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