Intel releases firmware fix for 34-nm SSDs

Well, it didn't come last week as Intel suggested, but it's out now—Intel has publicly released a new firmware revision that fixes a data corruption issue with its second-generation, 34-nm solid-state drives.

You can grab the firmware update tool right here at Intel's Download Center. To update an existing drive, Intel says you'll need to burn the updater ISO image to a CD-R (InfraRecorder and ImgBurn should help with that), then boot off the disc and run the updater from there. You can read detailed instructions in PDF format here.

As we've already reported, the first batch of Intel's 34-nm SSDs suffer from a firmware bug. Most users probably wouldn't notice, unless they happened to set a BIOS drive password then either change or disable that password. Doing so renders the contents of the drive inaccessible, at least with the stock firmware.

By the way, Intel's instructions say you'll need to disable BIOS drive passwords for the updater tool to do its job. In other words, if you're in the precarious position of having already set such a password, you'll want to back up your data to a safe location first.

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