Zune HD will start at $220, says Amazon

The Zune HD will be cheaper than the iPod touch, unless Apple decides to apply last-minute price cuts before the launch. Zune HD listings have popped up on Amazon, and they suggest the 16GB version of the touch-screen media player will cost $219.99—roughly nine bucks cheaper than the 8GB iPod touch.

Amazon also lists a 32GB version of the Zune HD for $289.99, and that's about $9 cheaper than the 16GB iPod touch. (In case you're wondering, Apple charges $399 for the 32GB iPod touch right now.) These Amazon listings aren't really functional, though. The overview page showing both Zune HD models says "Available for Pre-oder," but clicking the actual links leads to error pages. Perhaps these weren't meant to go up just yet.

In other Zune HD news, the folks at CNet News have posted several screenshots of the device's web browser in action. Apparently, the software will have a pop-over on-screen keyboard, landscape and portrait display modes, and Bing search—big surprise there.

Microsoft revealed the Zune HD's specs back in May, and we later learned that the device will feature an Nvidia Tegra system-on-a-chip. Officially, Microsoft says we can expect the Zune HD this fall. Unofficially, sources like Neowin predict a September launch time frame. Undercutting the iPod touch could let Microsoft steal some sales away from Apple, although as far as we know, Microsoft doesn't have an answer to the App Store yet.

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