Dual-core Turion Neo, Athlon Neo go embedded

You may have already seen laptops like HP's Pavilion dv2z toting low-power, dual-core AMD processors. Well, get ready to unwittingly walk by point-of-sale and digital signage systems featuring (almost) the same hardware.

AMD has added two new processors to its embedded client platform: the Turion Neo X2 L625 and Athlon Neo X2 L325. A version of the former has already been shipping in the Pavilion dv2z for a couple months, but the new embedded variant supports ECC memory, and it will remain available for five years.

As for the Athlon Neo X2 L325, AMD tells us that processor is an embedded exclusive. It runs at a lower clock speed (1.5GHz) and features less cache (512KB) than the Turion Neo X2, but both processors have the same ASB1 BGA package and 18W thermal envelope. Incidentally, we did see a higher-clocked Athlon Neo X2 L335 in the Pavilion dv2z when it launched, but HP doesn't seem to offer that CPU anymore.

AMD points out that these embedded CPUs can pair up with its own 780E and M690E chipsets, which feature Radeon HD 3200- and Radeon X1200-series integrated graphics, respectively. Not bad for an embedded device. You can expect to see companies like Ibase and IEI use this hardware in their designs.

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