Zune HD should be available on September 15

Yesterday, we found out how much the Zune HD is going to cost—or at least, we found some pretty darn convincing Amazon listings. Well, now Gizmodo has come upon some equally convicing reservation cards that reveal the Zune HD's release date.

"Pick up your Zune HD on September 15, 2009," the cards say, adding that you can reserve the 32GB model for a scant $25 deposit. The cards also mention that the Zune "HD&AV Dock (sold separately)" is required to view high-definition content on an HDTV, and that the display doesn't actually have an HD resolution—just 480x272.

Well, we already knew about those other details.

According to the aforementioned Amazon listings, the 32GB Zune HD will cost $289.99 at launch, and you'll be able to pick up the 16GB version for $219.99. iPod touch models with those capacities cost quite a bit more right now, so we wouldn't be surprised to see Apple cut prices some time in the next month or two.

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