Photos depict MSI mobo with Lucid multi-GPU chip

Remember Lucid? We stopped by the startup's booth at the Intel Developer Forum a year ago, and there, we learned all about the Hydra 100: a system-on-a-chip that's supposed to let you pair any combination of graphics cards (just so long as they use the same driver) for purportedly near-linear performance scaling.

Well, the Hydra may soon transform from a show-floor curiosity to an actual shipping product. Photos of an unannounced MSI "Big Bang" motherboard with an embedded Lucid chip have surfaced on Israeli site IOPanel. The motherboard features a P55 chipset and an LGA1156 socket designed to accommodate Intel's upcoming Lynnfield processors.

The photos look pretty convincing: a Lucid "LT24102-A0" chip with a metallic heat spreader sits between the processor and the first PCI Express slot. That location makes sense, too, because the Lynnfield design places PCI Express graphics connections straight on the CPU.

According to IOPanel, you can look forward to three different versions of the Lucid chip. One will support dual Radeons, one will support dual GeForces, and a third model will "enable a mix of video cards" from different vendors. What we heard at IDF suggests vendor-agnostic configurations may not actually be possible, but who knows what Lucid's been up to in the past 12 months. (Thanks to Expreview for the link.)

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