iTablet rumors of the day: It's a giant, multitasking iPhone

With the likelihood of an early-September Apple keynote increasing, rumors about that still-unannounced Mac tablet are swirling more fiercely than usual. The latest batch of rumors suggest the device may be little more than a giant iPhone with multitasking capabilities.

Gizmodo's Brian Lam, for one, has posted a sensationalized account of a discussion with a self-proclaimed insider who "may or may not have sat" in Apple meetings. The insider described mockups as giant iPhones with 10-inch displays and black backs. Oh, but that design "could change at any time."

Other interesting tidbits: there will be a webcam, Apple will release a version specifically for educational use, and the device could work as a "secondary screen/touchpad for iMacs and MacBooks." The insider echoed the $700-900 price range other rumor sites have been quoted.

Meanwhile, the folks at TechCrunch have gathered some slightly more entertaining—albeit equally dubious—videos of an iTablet "software development platform" in action. The platform apparently has an interface where iPhone-like apps open in separate windows, each with their own little pop-up keyboard.

Last but not least, Gizmodo says Apple has quietly shot a new ad in a 1940s-style California diner. Considering both the timing and Apple's habit of making pristine studio ads for current products, this new spot could involve the tablet device. Perhaps we'll find out next month.

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