New Rage trailer shows more gameplay, plot

At QuakeCon yesterday afternoon, id Software released a brand-new trailer showing fresh glimpses of Rage, its next major title. This time, an ominous narrator teases the storyline, which apparently involves an asteroid (fittingly named Apophis) bringing about the apocalypse and subsequent post-apocalypticness. The trailer also reveals more characters, monsters, and gameplay. Behold:

If you like eye candy, you owe it to yourself to grab the full-resolution 116MB trailer from FileShack. The images might be from the Xbox 360 version, since textures don't look quite as sharp as in PC screenshots, but the art direction and John Carmack magic still make for some beautiful vistas. And it looks pretty fun.

As you may or may not know, id is also quietly working on Doom 4. According to Shacknews, the company plans to reveal more about that title at QuakeCon 2010. We don't know much so far, except that Doom 4 may have more in common with the first couple of Doom games than Doom 3, and that it should have prettier graphics than Rage.

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