Report: Nvidia preps new mobile chipsets for AMD, Intel

These days, the crown jewel of Nvidia's chipset business may well be the MCP79. Marketed under different names—GeForce 9400M, Ion—this integrated graphics offering debuted in Apple's MacBooks last October, and it has since spread into a nice cross-section of mobile and not-so-mobile systems, from Dell's Studio 14z and Acer's AspireRevo to Lenovo's IdeaPad S12.

According to DigiTimes, Nvidia has more where that came from: three different mobile chipsets that will hit both Intel and AMD laptops in the first quarter of next year. "Sources at notebook makers" say the MCP89 and MCP99 will target Intel systems, while the MCP85 will hit AMD notebooks.

DigiTimes adds that Nvidia is "expected" to receive MCP89 and MCP99 orders from Apple, which now uses the GeForce 9400M pretty much across its entire computer lineup (Mac Pro excepted).

This report is particularly interesting in light of Nvidia's recent feud with Intel over chipset licensing. Last we heard, Intel denied that Nvidia's chipset license agreement covered processors with integrated memory controllers—i.e. the Core i7 and virtually all of Intel's future desktop and mobile CPUs. Considering the Q1 2010 time frame corresponds to the rumored launch of Intel's 32nm Arrandale CPUs, perhaps the two companies have reached some sort of deal.

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