Deal of the week: $10 off hard drives until Sunday

Sure, we feature hard drives in our deal posts a lot. But that's difficult to avoid when the deals just keep getting sweeter. This week, Newegg has set up a promotional code that reduces the price of most internal and external hard drives by $10. All you have to do is enter "HDDSALE15" without the quotes on the checkout page.

Thanks to this coupon, you can get mechanical hard drives like Western Digital's 1TB Caviar Green for $74.99 and the 1TB Caviar Black (with its five-year warranty) for $84.99. Seagate's 1TB Barracuda LP is also available for $69.99, or 7 cents per gigabyte.

Of course, you're not limited to those products—just about anything in Newegg's hard drive section ought to be eligible. Just remember: the promotion ends on August 16.

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