1. XFree86 on Darwin and Mac OS X
  2. From [H]ard|OCP: Abit announces FlashMenu (update the BIOS in Windows)
  3. 'New' S3 Graphics PR: SONICblue and VIA's joint venture
  4. CL PR: SoundBlaster Live! coming to Macintosh
  5. PR@IntelZone: Intel charts course for 'extended PC' era
  6. Digit Life's 2000 hardware digest part I and part II and December 3Digest
  7. Rojak Pot updates Disk Cache optimization guide to rev. 2.0 and Win2k/ACPI horror story
  8. Bjorn's 3D World on the best, worst, and most significant of 2000
  9. Glide Underground reviews DS9: The Fallen
  10. UGN's EverQuest phenomenon part III
  11. Hypothermia's 'Ask Asia Carrera 2'
Chips 'n dips

  1. Legion Hardware reviews Pentium 4 1.5GHz
  2. Digit Life reviews Intel Celeron 800MHz & D815EPEA i815EP
  3. BXBoards review Soltek SL-75KA-V VIA KT133A
  4. Active Hardware reviews DFI AK74-AC VIA KT133A
  5. Gamers Depot previews Iwill KA266-R
  6. OCWorkBench reviews Abit VP6

  1. Tranzmit's demos: Asc-trix 2 ('The Matrix' movie trailer with ASCII characters), Alpha2 by Astral, Polyethylene, and Mode by 7 Gods
  2. NVIDIAs demos: Membrane (DX 8 demo) and Two-Sided Texturing both for the NVEffectsBrowser
  3. NVmax 1.34B
  4. GameSpot UK reviews CL Annihator 2 Ultra
  5. Legion Hardware reviews NVIDIA GF2 Ultra
  6. HardwareZone reviews Cardexpert GF2 MX 32MB SDR (Golden Sample)
  7. Mellenger's NVIDIA GF2 GTS to Quadro 2 Pro mod
  8. reviews Matrox G450
  9. New Inno3D Kyro drivers for Win9x and NT4
  10. RadeonTweaker 0.7.1

  1. HardwareZone reviews Dell Inspiron 4000
  2. Guru3D reviews CL SB Live! Platinum 5.1
  3. AnandTech reviews MidiLand S4 4060M 2.1 speakers
  4. Hardware One reviews SMC Barricade EZ Connect Cable/DSL router
Cases and cooling

  1. Extreme Overclocking reviews Wind Tunnel Plus mid-tower
  2. WC-Extreme reviews Enermax 430W PSU
  3. OCforce's fanbus how-to and Senfu temperature monitor review
  4. OC RIP reviews Peltec Jurrasic Cooler
  5. Overclockers Online reviews JustCooler HD-100 & HD-600
  6. Hardware Daily reviews Tt Super Orb
  7. GideonTech reviews Arctic Silver thermal epoxy
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