Chrome OS shots are plausible, still unconfirmed

No doubt about it, pranksters love the hype surrounding Chrome OS and the fact that Google is keeping the interface under wraps. That leaves room for all kinds of fake screenshots. Well, the folks at Electronista have now come upon new images that look a tad more plausible than what we saw last month.

The shots depict a frame-less Chrome browser window sitting in the middle of the screen. Above it lies an Apple-style dock with icons for Chrome, several Google apps, and YouTube, not to mention a giant search field. At the bottom right, we can see a tiny tray with nothing but a clock, a battery indicator, and another Chrome icon. That's it.

As Electronista points out, a few little touches suggest authenticity: the fact that the Chrome window doesn't have a window frame with buttons (just a lonely tab sticking out), and the super-minimalistic system tray that isn't quite standard fare in current operating systems. Of course, none of that would be particularly difficult to fakeā€”just a little time-consuming. It's fun to speculate, though.

Chrome OS won't be hitting netbooks until the latter part of next year, but Google intends to release the source code later this year. So, we might get an official look at it soon enough.

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