Home server, slim nettops on their way from Lenovo

Lenovo might be a tad late to the game, but it's planning some compact nettops and an Atom-powered home server system. So points out Engadget, linking the company's Twitter account as evidence. The tweets aren't exactly overflowing with details, but they contain image links and product names: IdeaCentre D400 for the server and IdeaCenter Q100 and Q110 for the nettops, which are purportedly "some of the thinnest . . . in the world."

We've hosted the images a gallery below for your convenience. If you're aching for more details, then you might want to head over to Windows Home Server blog We Got Served, which scavenged information about the D400 from "a number of Chinese websites."

The IdeaCentre D400 has reportedly been available in the Far East since August 5. Judging by the photos showing the front-panel door open, the system has a similar form factor to Acer's Aspire easyStore H340. A screenshot of the management control panel suggests similar hardware, too: a 1.6GHz Atom 230 and 1GB of RAM. The D400 is said to draw only 40W of power—although that probably depends on what kind of hard drives you put in it.

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