Brooks Automation to automate 300mm Fab...

...for a top ten semiconductor company. Let's begin with reading the actual press release:
Brooks Automation, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKS), a leader in tool and factory automation solutions for the global semiconductor industry, today announced that it has received a multi-million dollar order from a top ten semiconductor company to provide the company with 300mm sorter technology. With this sale, Brooks wins one of the most significant 300mm orders to date and gains another strong foothold in the emerging 300mm fab hardware automation market.

The company is purchasing Brooks' MTX2000(TM) and MTX4000(TM) sorting systems for 300mm wafer management. The company selected Brooks' 300mm sorter after a rigorous evaluation of sorter manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe. It selected Brooks because of Brook's strong experience in the 300mm market and the aggregate experience and capabilities of the Brooks team.

Tuplay has surmised that this 'semiconductor company' is AMD. JC's has countered that AMD is not even a top ten semiconductor company as of 1999 (pending the year 2000 results) and currently has no 300mm Fab. They quip that Motorola or Infineon are better bets. We will have to wait for this other 'semiconductor company' to reveal itself. Brooks Automation's website can be found here. Thanks to all who spotted the post at JC's PC News'n'Links.
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