40-nm Nvidia GPUs may hit stores next quarter

Expect to see some retail graphics cards toting 40-nm Nvidia graphics processors next quarter. Quoting tips from anonymous industry sources, DigiTimes writes that the "GeForce 210" will hit the retail channel in October.

The GeForce G210 appeared on Nvidia's website back in early July, but the product page still bears the mention, "OEM Product." In other words, Nvidia may only be shipping these to PC vendors for the time being. DigiTimes says yields of 40-nm chips at TSMC have improved, though, so Nvidia will soon be able to offer this card as a retail product.

Incidentally, word is that Nvidia will drop the "G" prefix and offer the product as a GeForce 210. The same should apply to cards with suffices like GTX and GT.

DigiTimes also predicts that Nvidia will release its next-generation GT300 GPU (another 40-nm part) some time in the fourth quarter. AMD, meanwhile, may start shipping its Evergreen DirectX 11 GPU "in September at the earliest."

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