Public Windows 7 RC downloads end tomorrow

If you've been shunning the Windows 7 release candidate since its public launch in May, now's your chance to reconsider. According to ComputerWorld, Microsoft will take down the Wnidows 7 RC public download tomorrow at 11:00 AM EDT. After that, you may need to resort to other, potentially less legal avenues to get your Windows 7 fix—or just wait until October 22 for the retail launch.

You can still grab the pre-release operating system from this page on Microsoft's website. Just scroll down to the bottom, choose 32-bit or 64-bit and your language, then follow the instructions to get your key and begin your download. The 32-bit DVD image weighs in at 2.36GB, and the 64-bit one is a heftier 3.05GB. Microsoft says it will continue to issue keys after the August 20 deadline, too.

Once again, Windows 7 RC installations will start shutting down every hour on March 1, 2010, and you'll have three months to step up to the full version (or step over to another OS) before the RC expires completely on June 1. That's not a bad deal if you're building a new PC and don't wanna buy Vista, although admittedly, Microsoft does offer free upgrades with retail Vista editions.

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