AMD: We took the discrete mobile GPU lead

Have you been seeing more mobile Radeons in notebooks lately? That may be no coincidence. With figures from Jon Peddie Research as evidence, AMD has put out a press release saying its graphics processors have captured more than half of the discrete notebook graphics market.

Purportedly, the JPR data show that AMD's discrete mobile GPU shipments rose by 87.27% between the first and second quarters of this year. AMD also says it enjoyed a "36.5% market share gain" in that same time period, although the press release doesn't specify if that's 36.5 points or an actual 36.5% increase in the market share number.

Point is, AMD had a cool 53% of the discrete mobile GPU market last quarter, according to JPR. The remaining 47% probably belonged almost exclusively to Nvidia, since Intel doesn't make discrete GPUs—at least not yet. AMD attributes its growth to a collection of "well over 200 design wins" and an "augmented presence in retail."

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