Quake Live goes multi-platform

While Quake Live may not be much of a moneymaker right now according to John Carmack, id Software still seems determined to draw in new users. In the latest wave of updates, the company has added long-awaited support for Linux and Mac OS X. Here's what the announcement says:

QUAKE LIVE is now available for Mac OS X and Linux. We did just have an issue come up with the very latest version of Firefox on Mac (which came out after we finished the build), so this update is Safari only, but we've pushed a ticket with the folks at Mozilla and hope to have the Firefox build fixed very shortly.

Quake Live runs inside the browser via a special plug-in. Since the game is based on the same engine (id Tech 3) as Quake III Arena, which was also available for Mac and Linux, the ports may not have been all that tricky to get up and running. At least, it's only been six months since the Windows version went, er, live.

Aside from the new multi-platform goodness, id says this week's update brings back leaderboards, increases the maximum size of personal config files to 64KB, fixes a key-binding bug, and adds Instagib capture-the-flag servers. You can play Quake Live at quakelive.com. (Thanks to CrunchGear for the heads-up.)

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