Report: Intel tries to halt pre-launch Lynnfield sales

The evidence speaks for itself: retailers are jumping the gun on Lynnfield, selling new Core i7 and Core i5 processors alongside P55 motherboards well before the expected September launch window. The parts look to be all over Taipei's computer market, and even in America, folks have posted photos of Core i5 CPUs stocked at Fry's.

According to DigiTimes, Intel is none too happy about the situation. Industry sources quoted by the site say Intel has asked vendors to halt sales of still-unlaunched processors and motherboards. The chipmaker has "sent letters to motherboard makers demanding an explanation for shipping P55-based motherboards ahead of schedule," as well.

DigiTimes writes that motherboard makers are shipping boards early to "shorten the time to market," while retailers, faced with strong demand, have simply opted to start sales ahead of schedule. Fortunately for early adopters, Intel's orders may fall on deaf ears as retailers strive to take advantage of pre-launch demand.

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