Ion-powered IdeaPad S12 put on hold until October

Excited about Lenovo's Ion-powered IdeaPad S12? Well, get ready to wait a little longer for it. Lenovo originally said the netbook would be out "later this summer," but as Gizmodo reports, the system has been postponed until after Windows 7's retail release.

You can already buy an IdeaPad S12 right now, mind you, but with the usual Intel Atom processor and 945GSE chipset combo. The version Lenovo has been teasing since May trades that 945GSE for an Nvidia Ion integrated graphics chipset, a.k.a. GeForce 9400M.

The Ion-powered S12 was supposed to ship with Windows XP, which could explain Lenovo's decision to delay. After all, why not wait an extra month or two to deliver a laptop with a state-of-the-art operating system and snazzy Aero graphical goodness, which the Ion IGP will support? Gizmodo says Lenovo now quotes a "late October" launch window—probably on or soon after Windows 7's October 22 release day—and the new S12 will set you back $550.

Other netbook vendors may end up beating Lenovo to the punch, though. Gizmodo writes that the Samsung N510 should hit the U.S. market in September at $599, and it adds, "We have also been told that HP has plans to release an Ion system of their own in the coming weeks."

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