AMD may launch 5000-series Radeons in September

Next-generation DirectX 11 Radeons may continue the Radeon HD naming scheme by simply adding another thousand to the model number. VR-Zone reports that AMD has told its partners about the branding, and the site has even posted a semi-authentic-looking graphic as evidence.

Much like with the RV770 launch, you can reportedly look forward to two cards: the Radeon HD 5870 and Radeon HD 5850. VR-Zone doesn't quote detailed specs, but it says both cards will have 1GB of GDDR5 memory as well as "ATI Eyefinity technology with support for up to three displays." The Eyefinity line might explain the abundance of output ports on that purported DX11 Radeon we saw last week.

VR-Zone goes on to say the launch will take place in September, with retail availability scheduled for the following month. The site also points to a story on ATi-Forum, which says the official launch will take place on September 22.

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