Nokia unveils sleek, slim Atom netbook

Just over two months after making a vague announcement about a long-term partnership with Intel, Nokia has uneveiled its very first Atom-powered netbook. Surprising, right?

Nokia is keeping detailed specs and pricing under wraps until September 2, but it has still released images and a few key details to get the hype train rolling. Dubbed the Booklet 3G, the netbook will have a 10-inch "HD ready" glass display, a 0.78" thick aluminum chassis, HDMI output, and connectivity options including 3G/HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and assisted GPS.

And it doesn't look half bad, judging by the images (see below) and the promotional video.

Impressively, Nokia says the Booklet 3G will weigh only 2.76 lbs yet deliver battery life as high as 12 hours. Considering those attributes plus the unusually thin chassis—by netbook standards, at least—we wouldn't be surprised if the device featured Intel's next-generation Atom system-on-a-chip.

Intel recently reiterated that the Pine Trail platform, which will bring that SoC to netbooks, is still on track to ship for revenue this year. By virtue of being a two-chip solution with both processor and graphics components on a single 45nm die, Pine Trail should allow both slimmer designs and longer battery life than the current Atom platform.

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