Report: Nokia netbook might cost $799

Nokia may not be planning to spill the beans about its first netbook's specs and pricing until September 2, but that hasn't stopped rumor sites. claims to know for a fact that the Booklet 3G will launch at a whopping $799.

Another site, All About Symbian, adds that Nokia won't use a next-generation Atom system-on-a-chip as we suspected, either. Instead, the device will reportedly come with an Atom Z530 processor clocked at 1.6GHz. Netbooknews echoes that choice of processor, and it calls the 12-hour battery life claim "wishful thinking" in light of the quoted weight and thickness. See yesterday's story for those details.

So, assuming these stories are correct, who will buy a $799 netbook with a first-gen Atom processor? Netbooknews points out that Nokia has a strong distribution network, and it could saturate the market with Booklet 3G netbooks sold with lengthy phone-style contracts. The same people who might recoil at a $799 price tag may see nothing wrong with spending $30 a month for a sleek little netbook with 3G connectivity. (Thanks to Engadget for the links.)

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