Leaked fliers show $250 Xbox 360

Would you believe it? Now that Sony's PlayStation 3 is neck-and-neck with the vanilla Xbox 360 at $300, Microsoft seems to be bracing for a price cut. Shocking, we know.

According to Shacknews, images of Target, Walmart, and Best Buy fliers have leaked all over gadget blogs, showing advertised prices of $250 for the plain Xbox 360 and just $300 for the Xbox 360 Elite. The Elite model currently costs $400, and it comes with a 120GB hard drive (instead of 60GB), an HDMI cable, and a black paint job.

The purported chain-store fliers are for this Sunday, so this price cut may arrive before the new, slim PS3 model actually hits stores. The older 80GB version of Sony's console is already selling at $300, though.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is still selling the Wii for $250. The Wii admittedly has a somewhat different target market, but we wouldn't be surprised to see leaked fliers foreboding a Wii price cut before too long.

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