OCZ touts most affordable SLC SSD

Solid-state drives based on single-level-cell flash memory aren't cheap—Intel's 64GB X25-E, for instance, will set you back a cool $679. OCZ has now announced a similar-capacity drive based on similar technology, but with a price tag that's much easier to swallow.

The new Agility EX Series drive packs 60GB of SLC flash, an Indilinx controller, and 64MB of cache, all for $399. OCZ claims the Agility EX delivers "industry-dominating" speeds: as much as 255MB/s for reads and 195MB/s for writes. Sustained writes ought to be a bit slower, though, at 100MB/s.

Most consumer SSDs out there use multi-level-cell flash, which costs less than SLC but has lower write speeds and doesn't last as long. Companies like Intel typically market their SLC-based SSDs toward enterprise customers.

The OCZ drive's (relatively) low price could make it a more reasonable choice for enthusiasts, although it's still almost double the price of Intel's new 80GB X25-M. We haven't been all that impressed with Indilinx controllers in the past, either.

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