Microsoft makes Xbox 360 cut official

Those leaked flier photos we told you about yesterday were legit, apparently. Shacknews now says that Microsoft has officially confirmed an impending round of price cuts for its Xbox 360 console.

As part of the cuts, Microsoft has stopped production of the 60GB vanilla Xbox 360, and remaining models will be sold at $250 until they run out. Meanwhile, the 120GB Xbox 360 Elite will go down from $400 to $300 and shed its bundled HDMI cable.

These cuts will come into effect tomorrow, Shacknews says.

Once stocks of the plain Xbox 360 run out, Microsoft should be left with just two models: the $200 Arcade and the $300 Elite. The latter will throw down with Sony's new 120GB PlayStation 3 Slim, which should become available next month for $300. The old 80GB PS3 has already fallen to $300, as well.

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