Novell CEO attempts to become Cookie Monster

Wow, check out this ZDNet article, folks. It seems Novell CEO Eric Schmidt got hacked, is hacked off, and he's not going to take it anymore. He apparently blames browser cookies for his credit card number being stolen, and now he's looking to get even.

Schmidt calls cookies "one of the biggest disasters for computers in the past [several] years." Of course he has a plan to take care of the problem, and get this: it involves a new Novell service that relies on Novell Directory Services! How convenient. Apparently when he called cookies a big disaster, he made one of them cry or something, because he also said "Cookies are a great idea, they are just stored in the wrong place." A great idea that's a big disaster. He probably says the same thing about Windows NT Server.

I'm sorry, people, but this whole thing just seems a bit contrived to me. According to the article he's not sure how his credit card number was stolen, but he thinks it got ripped out of a browser cookie. Doesn't someone digging it out of the trash seem a lot more likely?

The Great Cookie Caper seems even more farfetched given that it just happens to coincide with this new, Novell-proprietary system to store cookies. I'm not a cookie expert, but wouldn't any e-commerce site that stored visitors' credit card numbers in its cookies just be asking to get sued? Feel free to click on that comment link and add your thoughts-- I promise I won't stick your VISA number in a cookie or anything.

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